(WSYR-TV) — Having total capacity is a common drawback that animal shelters face nationwide. Here to educate us on how to help local animal shelters Maureen Davison, President of HumaneCNY, is joined with Iris and Steve to chat about ways to problem solve issues dealing with our furry friends in shelters.

Overcrowding in shelters is due to economic hardships. Many people recently are forced to move in with their families or an apartment, which can have limitations on bringing in a companion animal.

Many animals are now stray as well. This is because there is a shortage of spay and neutering in animals. This increases the opportunity to reproduce, which pet owners sometimes cannot keep up with and are forced to send them to a shelter.

Davison reminds us to stop intentional breeding, be a responsible pet owner, adopt a pet, and, most importantly, spread the word.

For more information, check out HumaneCNY.org.