SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Hundreds of cats throughout Central New York are living on the streets. Its a never ending cycle, but you can help create change.

The Central New York Cat Coalition says the need is even greater compared to last year.

“Part of that is a lot of people are being evicted right now after covid. It’s finally going through in January of 2023,” said Rebekah McGraw, Vice President of CNY Cat Coalition.

Many of those people are pet owners and don’t have a place where they can bring their furry friends. This has caused things to become even more difficult.

“We’re getting about 50 to a hundred calls or emails a week for cats in need,” said McGraw.

Those are just the cats they know of. At least one hundred are being fostered right now through the CNY Cat Coalition. Some of the cats are living at Luna Cafe in Syracuse.

But there are still hundreds more without a home.

“A good portion are living on the streets. There are large colonys around Syracuse as many if you have seen,” said McGraw.

Now they’re urging people to help out.

McGraw added, “You can be a sub-foster or a real foster where you open up your home, you let us know what your living situation is like and what you feel like you could handle.”

The CNY Cat Coalition isn’t only looking for foster homes, but also carpenters and people that are handy to help build shelters for cats.

“We have many fosters that feed colony’s in the area and many members of the public who are looking for a safe space for their outdoor cat that they feed to stay for the night while they wait for foster care or spay or neuter,” said McGraw.

Donations are also needed. Whether its money, food or kitty litter, anything will help.

Click here if you’re interested in helping.