SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — We’re already less than a month away from one of Syracuse’s most challenging races, the Mountain Goat Run.

It was only 6 months ago when runners hit the pavement for the annual race after being cancelled and postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Known for its challenging hills and scenic course, the 44th Annual Mountain Goat Run is approaching fast.

Whether your goal is to complete all 10 miles or you plan on running half of the course in the two-person relay, this race pushes any runner to the limit.

The Mountain Goat is definitely the most iconic Downtown Syracuse race. It’s challenging. It’s hilly, right? So, we definitely want people to sign up, but we definitely want them to be prepared and the training runs are a great way to get ready, be ready, feel good for when May 1 rolls around.

Emily Kulkus, Mountain Goat Run Board Member

Every Saturday throughout the month of April, runners can partake in Mountain Goat training sessions. Each week is a different route and the distance gradually increases.

The training runs gives people a preview of the Mountain Goat Course in segments, and builds the confidence you’ll need on race day.

For Jeff Mills, a Central New York runner, the Mountain Goat Run was only his second race. He said the training sessions are what make this race unique.

“It’s fantastic. It’s my favorite race in the city,” Mills said. “Doesn’t matter how fast, how slow you are, even if you walk it, they’re going to welcome you to it, so give it a chance. Training runs are an easy way to try it out if you like it. You can go a little bit. You can go all the way…just try it.”

Training runs aren’t only for building up strength and stamina, but also an opportunity for the running community to get together.

On Saturday, April 23, runners will be cleaning up the same streets they hit the pavement on for Earth Day all along the racecourse.

“Running is such a great way to get outside and see your community. The Central New York and Syracuse running community is just incredible.”

Emily Kulkus, Mountain Goat Run Board Member

The Mountain Goat Race is on Sunday, May 1 and there’s still time to register! If you’re interested in lacing up, click here.

You can also learn more about the Mountain Goat Run here.