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Vince McMahon’s controversial XFL professional football league is coming back in 2020 and there’s an effort to see Syracuse get one of the franchises.

SU Freshman Will Scott is leading the charge to bring the XFL to Syracuse.

He’s taken to social media including a dedicated Twitter account @XFLToCuse which includes a video about the league in Syracuse that’s gone viral.

“When Vince McMahon made the announcement back in January that the XFL was coming back, I was like ‘oh my goodness, why shouldn’t Syracuse be given an XFL team.'” Scott tells NewsChannel 9.

WWE founder and Chairman Vince McMahon is giving pro football another go with the XFL, which is the same name as the league he and NBC tried for one season in 2001.

It may have the same name but he says it won’t rely on the same antics as its predecessor.

“I say why not Syracuse?  We’ve proven to be one of the greatest sports cities in American with SU athletics, we’ve got very passionate football fans here in the Syracuse area, so I think the city would crave the XFL,” Scott says. 

Cooper Young is helping Scott’s effort to get an XFL team in Syracuse, “People of Syracuse want to get hyped they want to get crazy and they want to get loud about something and that is the XFL.  The XFL is basically the Monster Jam of football and to have that on a weekly basis and to have our own team would be so exciting.”

The most obvious question is where would the team play and Scott says where else but the famed Carrier Dome.

“Oklahoma City doesn’t even have a stadium right now and they’re still trying to get an XFL team.  So this is Syracuse’s challenge that the University owns The Dome, but a lot of non-University events go on in The Dome.”  He says.

Young adds, “The main goal is to get this in front of Vince McMahon and be like hey this is our story and this is our plan let’s try to make this happen.”

They haven’t had any luck there yet, that they know.

Scott has written a letter to Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh asking for his support in helping bring the XFL to Syracuse but also hasn’t heard back from City Hall.

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