ONEIDA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Sylvan Beach was packed with people ready to hit the water, or in this case, the ice, this past weekend.

With the recent wave of cold temperatures, Oneida lake was finally frozen over enough for Central New York ice fisherman to get their fix.

Lakeside Outfitters, a freshwater fishing outfitter in Canastota, N.Y., saw a boom in business over the past few weeks.

“5 a.m. in the morning the parking lot is full there is a line out the door,” Josh Chenel, an employee at Lakeside Outfitters, said.

“I think guys were, you know, anxious at first anticipating ice, and once it got here, it’s been a full takeoff the last two weeks.”

For Chenel, the winter months let him enjoy, as he calls it, his favorite time of the year.

“There’s nothing like ice fishing I cant explain it if you haven’t done it guys will spend small mortgage payments to buy a shanty and a heater and fishfinders and the excitement to me its the most exciting part of the year.”

Josh Chenel

For those who want to begin ice fishing, Chenel and Lakeside Outfitters will be hosting an ice fishing seminar in Late February. For more information, visit their website.