Onondaga County District Attorney tells NewsChannel 9 that he doesn’t like Governor Cuomo’s plan to legalize recreational marijuana in New York State.

Fitzpatrick fears an increased number of child neglect, emergency room visits, car crashes and car crashes that kill people.

But, Fitzpatrick says he recognizes the benefits, including a project $1.7 billion in sales revenue.

The DA admits that legalizing recreational marijuana is “inevitable.”

Democrats will control both the State Assembly and State Senate and New York is following ten states to legalize it first.

Inevitability that’s forcing Fitzpatrick take action in his office. If the legislation is passed into law, Fitzpatrick will take action on all pending unlawful possession of marijuana cases. 

Fitzpatrick says, “I’m going to just dismiss them. Absolutely no conditions attached.”

The DA will go a step further, if the court system cooperates with his plan of offering a fresh start to those previously convicted of similar charges.

He says, “We’ll do an amnesty program. If you’re a resident of Onondaga County and were convicted in Onondaga County of either UPM or misdemeanor marijuana possession, and you want to get that off your record, we’ll have a period where you can come, make an application,and we’ll erase the conviction, seal the record.”

Governor Cuomo’s announcement didn’t offer a lot of detail as to who can grow, produce and sell marijuana.