CAZENOVIA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — In his first television interview since losing his job as Madison County assistant district attorney from allegations he overdosed on fentanyl, Bradley Moses tells NewsChannel 9 “I accept responsibility for the position I put myself in.”

Moses, who didn’t admit to taking illegal drugs as police claim, blames intoxication from a golf tournament for not knowing what happened the night of July 30.

“I had gotten myself, by consuming alcohol, to the point where obviously I wasn’t aware of my surroundings,” Moses said while sitting in his home in Cazenovia.

When asked why drugs were in his lake house and why someone who wanted to do drugs was with him, Moses answered: “I can’t answer that question.”

Deputies from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office said several doses of Narcan were needed to bring Moses back from near death, after snorting what was supposed to be cocaine. Toxicology later confirmed the substance was straight Fentanyl.

“I don’t know what occurred,” Moses said when asked if he accepts responsibility for taking illegal drugs. “I don’t know that anyone knows definitely what occurred, but I accept that I put myself in that position.”

Moses said he hasn’t spoken with the people with him that night who might have the answer about where the drugs came from.

In the days following the alleged overdose, Moses released a written statement denying taking illegal drugs. He blames his initial statements on the information he had from the hospital.

Moses said, “The toxicology report that I got from the hospital showed no illegal substances in my system. I had acute kidney failure. I had extreme dehydration. These are the things I was told from the hospital and my doctor. That’s the information I had to go on at the time.”

For the alcohol abuse, Moses is part of outpatient rehab through Crouse and participates in self-help meetings.

Moses still thinks he’s the best person to be elected Madison County Court Judge. Since the incident, he lost the endorsement of the county’s Republican and Conservative Committees. Instead, they’re promoting a write-in campaign for Rhonda Youngs.

Youngs is also endorsed by the county’s Democratic committee in an effort to keep Moses off the bench for the incident.

He said: “It doesn’t define me. It doesn’t change who I am as a person, and it certainly doesn’t change the work I’ve done in my life.”

Unedited Interview with Bradley Moses: