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WAMPSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — People in Madison County are being asked to fill out a survey aimed at helping improve or secure broadband internet service.

The Board of Supervisors this fall launched a joint Broadband Availability & Adoption (BAAT) Campaign to determine needs and opportunities for broadband Internet growth in the region.

The broadband survey is tailored to ask questions, based on response, pertinent to homes and businesses both with and without access.

Respondents will need to enter an address and indicate whether it is for a home or business and will proceed to a survey designed to collect information on demand for services unique to their location. Name is not required.

Residents who also have an at home business should take the business survey as well as the home survey. 

Board of Supervisors Chair John Becker says, “It’s just a quick 5-minute survey, and it’s for your community, it’s for your neighbors and it’s for making a better Madison County.”

He adds that many people both at their homes and at their businesses have poor to no access, and those that do have access report that broadband speeds are a real problem.

The information will be compiled by the County so they can make a comprehensive pitch to companies that may be willing to fill the internet gap.

Becker says the County has no intentions of running their own internet business.

“We should leave that to the private sector and they should do the right thing and get it to everybody we should hope once we get all our information together we can go out and sell that,” he tells NewsChannel 9.

Residents without Internet access at home can and are encouraged to take the survey.  They can either go to their local library, enter in their home address, skip the speed test completely and answer the questions. The survey is also accessible via any mobile device.

Paper copies of the survey will be available at local libraries and Town offices. 

The County is also working with local School Districts to send surveys home with students for families to fill out and return. 

The survey can be accessed by clicking here, and the County has provided hard copies to local libraries, town offices and schools.

Madison County is hoping to reach as many residents as possible before the campaign ends on December 31st

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