Of all the superintendents in Central New York, Chris Brown isn’t only the highest paid – he’s the most followed on Twitter.

Chris Brown has nearly 6,000 followers made up of students, parents and community members.

Professor Regina Lutrrell, who teachers about social media and public relations at Syracuse University, calls Brown savvy at the digital side of his job.

Luttrell says, “He understands the basic principals. He knows how to connect with his community. He’s posting pictures with students, of athletic events, and what’s happening in the larger community.”

That’s why it’s ironic, according to Lutrrell, that posts about Dr. Brown are causing him trouble.

In a now-deleted post, Brown’s wife claims he’s leaving her for someone who works for him.

Dr. Brown confirms the divorce, but in a letter to his staff, he says: “There was/is a lot out there and what I want to be very clear about is that I do NOT and did NOT have a romantic relationship with ANY other employee. I treat all employees equally and always have. That will continue.”

Brown is taking vacation time as the district investigates the accusations, according to the Board of Education President. She says it could take several days to a few weeks.

Luttrell wants people to learn lessons from this controversy. She says. “I think the biggest lesson learned here is that people need to remember that social media isn’t private and we don’t own our pages. I may login to my Facebook or Twitter, but I don’t own that. But anybody can follow me. They can see what I’m writing. They can retweet. They can even take a screen shot and post it somewhere else.”