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Is Centro stopping service at Great Northern Mall? Your Stories

CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Employees at Great Northern Mall are waiting to see what will happen with the Centro Bus Service.

Last month, Centro announced it was no longer going to offer bus service to or from Great Northern. It said it would be moving bus stops across the bridge on Route 31 to Walmart, Bryant and Stratton and Wegmans.

After some push back, Centro has postponed that decision until it can do some more research.

"Centro is currently conducting research to determine the level of appropriate public transportation service to Great Northern Mall. As community dynamics change, transportation services must also be flexible to meet those changing demands where possible. Centro has received numerous requests to serve Route 31 west of Soule Road, including Wegmans, Bryant and Stratton College, and Walmart. Due to the need for this bus service to meet timed transfer connections at the Centro Transit Hub, Centro cannot serve both Great Northern Mall and the Walmart /Bryant and Stratton locations on the same trip. Centro has reached out to current riders who travel to / from Great Northern Mall to determine their daily travel patterns and will take this information into consideration in making a final decision."

Steven J. Koegel, Vice President of Communications & Business Planning

"We had found out the Friday before they were going to make changes on this past Monday and when they posted it on Facebook we all got on and made our voices be heard," said Melanie Salisbury, who has worked at Great Northern for nearly 20 years.

For people like Salisbury, it's a waiting game. She and others continue to advocate for the bus service at Great Northern, which they say it helping keep the mall alive.

"That would be the downfall of the mall. It would just be the last nail in the coffin, I believe."

Centro has not said when exactly that decision will come.

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