(WSYR-TV) — Joshua Esnard showed his invention, the Cut Buddy, on the show “Shark Tank” in 2017. Monday, the product is opening up for public investment.

Esnard says, “I’m all in. I’m passionate. I need to buy inventory. I need to get employees. I need to get warehousing, so that’s why we’ve opened up this round.”

Esnard says two things have helped fuel the growth of the company the past two years: more people cutting their hair at home during the pandemic and the shifting social landscape after the murder of George Floyd. “Many corporations, they felt the pressure. They felt what was happening. They felt like our voices and our innovations and our things weren’t being respected.” said Esnard.

Wal-Mart quickly jumped on his products. You can buy them in-store or online.

We are the first and only Black owned clipper company that is in the clipper aisle at Walmart.

joshua esnard

They’re very deliberately starting this next chapter of the company on Martin Luther King Jr. day. “Martin Luther King had a dream. I’m just riding along on his dream.” says Esnard.