It’s apple season and it’s a good one; what you can find and where in Central New York

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LAFAYETTE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Apple season kicks into high gear this weekend with the debut of this year’s crop of MacIntosh.

The trees are loaded at Beak & Skiff Orchards in LaFayette thanks to a nearly perfect mix of sun and rain this spring and summer according to Peter Fleckenstein, Partner at Beak & Skiff and the General Manager of their fresh fruit and juice operations.

He says, “Now these last four, five cool nights in the 40’s with sun in the day, that is what tells the trees stop growing and makes the apples ripe. So from the growing perspective, we’re really, really excited because this weekend, opening of MacIntosh is going to be one of the best in the last few years.”

Fleckenstein says there may be a few fewer apples per tree in his orchards, but because of all the rain the apples will be bigger.

“MacIntosh are crisp, but they have flavor because we’ve had enough sunlight and enough warm days to generate the sugar in the apples that you’d expect. Now, the other sweeter varieties, the Honeycrisp and the Gala they also look very, very good,” he tells NewsChannel 9.

There are more and more smaller trees at Beak & Skiff replacing bigger, older apple trees, which is the new suggested model for orchards.

Fleckenstein describes it as a more pedestrian friendly orchard for pick your own people because almost every apple gets full sunlight, so each one is red and ripe. He adds almost all of these trees can be picked without a ladder.

If you can’t make it out the orchard to pick your own, local stores will be loaded with apples from Beak & Skiff, although the schedule on store shelves is changing.

“MacIntosh and Empire, Cortland they will still be on the shelves but just not for as long as maybe you would have expected, and those slots are going to be filled by more popular and newer apples,” Fleckenstein explains.

Click here for the picking schedule for Beak & Skiff.

Click here for a complete list of orchards around Central New York.

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