SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Easter is just days away, but Sweet on Chocolate has been busy preparing for the past month.

“Right after Valentine’s Day that’s when we really started to assemble some of our solid chocolate bunnies, conceptualize some of our spring flavors and start to get those made,” Owner of Sweet on Chocolate Adam Mazzoni said.

Mazzoni says he learned quickly during the pandemic the importance of placing large quantity orders and ordering ahead of the rush.

“Letting your inventory get too low with all the supply chain issues can cause some real hang-ups and big delays,” Mazzoni said.

This year’s spring flavors include caramel coconut truffle, honey cream, strawberry lemonade cream and lavender truffle.

“The great thing is we do most of our items by the pound so you can get as much or as little as you want,” Mazzoni said. “I would say the average cost is fifteen to twenty dollars.”

Sweet on Chocolate also offers a build-your-own Easter basket option for customers.

“Easter is a fun time for everyone, people young and old it’s not necessarily just about the Easter bunny anymore it could just be a nice little gift to you or someone that you love,” Mazzoni said. “Chocolate always makes, WE think the perfect gift.”