SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Limp Lizard has been relying on delivery orders to keep the business afloat, but Nick Ford never expected an order for 1,250 meals.

The caller, who was willing to pick up the $12,500 bill, wanted to feed the entire staff at Crouse Hospital.

On Friday, Limp Lizard’s North Syracuse kitchen was open early to make 1,250 smoked turkey sandwiches, coleslaw and signature cornbread.

The meals were individually packaged, loaded into vans and delivered to Crouse Hospital.

Nancy Wiliams, the hospital’s director of patient experience, helped coordinate the delivery. She said, “Getting this kind of recognition and appreciation from the community — it goes so far with our team members. It really helps with overall morale.”

At the hospital’s cafeteria, the meals were sorted by department to ensure every member of every department gets one. More meals will be brought to the hospital Friday night for staff working dinner shifts or overnight.

The only information released about the donor is what’s printed on a tag taped to each box: “The Jacobs Family.”

Nick Ford, from Limp Lizard, describes the donor as “a former client of ours, used our catering a lot, he called, said he wanted to thank us and contribute to all these people working on the frontlines.”

Nancy Williams describes the donor as “a grateful family, and grateful for everything that takes place here at Crouse.”

Limp Lizard has been accepting $10 donations for meals to be delivered to a frontline worker.