Jamelske tells parole board: ‘There were bubble baths, and scented candles’ in the bunker

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Newly released documents reveal the interview that helped lead the state parole board to keep John Jamelske behind bars.

Jamelske was denied parole in December in his first attempt to be released from prison.

NewsChannel 9 has obtained the state parole board decision and the interview they had with Jamelske, one of Central New York’s most notorious criminals.

In the first sentence of its decision the parole board says, “A review of your record, interview and deliberation lead the panel to conclude that if released there is a reasonable probability that you would not live and remain at liberty without again violating the law.”

Jamelske has served nearly 18 years of an 18-to-life sentence for some of the worst crimes in local history.

Five girls at different times over 15 years were kidnapped by Jamelske and then held as sex slaves.

The now 85-year old told the parole board, “that he was approached by someone that said it would be a good idea for a friend of her’s that’s a runaway to be there rather than out on the streets.”

He had built an underground cement bunker just below the yard next to his house on Route 92 in DeWitt.

Prosecutors say he’d keep these girls for weeks, months, even years, and forced them to sleep on a foam mattress.

Jamelske says, “It was a very comfortable mattress, I slept on it.”

He also told them that in the bunker, “There were bubble baths, with scented candles and a shower for privacy.”

The parole board ultimately decided it is concerned with Jamelske’s failure to take responsibility for his actions and his inability to grasp the harm and trauma he caused the victims and to accept treatment that can benefit him.

Finally, the panel found it “very disturbing that you engaged in this behavior while living with your wife, who you said did not know what you were doing.”

Jamelske is next eligible to apply for parole in December of 2022.

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