Jamesville family trying to save their 200-year-old home after storm damage

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JAMESVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Heavy rainfall from Tuesday’s Nor’easter has left some families across Central New York with a big mess to clean up.

The storm flooded homes and one Jamesville woman is still trying to pump water out of her home more than 24 hours later.

Cearra Roberts has lived in her home along Apulia Road in Jamesville for nearly 8 years.

Last night when I was at work, I got a frantic call from my mother that our house was flooding. Obviously, I rushed home and I was shocked, honestly, to this degree of flooding that I’ve never seen before.


Before Roberts arrived home, her mother had already called 911. The Jamesville Fire Department responded to the flooding mess to try and help.

“It got to the point where I think there was about 20 firefighters here trying to fight it. They were struggling,” Roberts said.

What made the elements worse on Tuesday night: the rising water levels. Her home is right next to Rush Creek, which was overflowing.

As of Wednesday afternoon, her pumps were still running, trying to get about a foot more of water out of her basement crawl space.

“It’s never been to this degree, and last year they assured us that no more flooding would happen. Now, quite the opposite. We have extensive flooding that we’ve never seen before.”

cearra roberts, lives in jamesville

Not only are Roberts and her family cleaning up the mess, they also lost many of their valuable like lawn equipment, a snow blower and other keepsakes.

“That lawnmower, it wasn’t fancy, but it’s what we had,” — Cearra Roberts

Those items are costly, but replaceable. However, her nearly 200-year-old home is irreplaceable, and she’s just hoping the damage is repairable.

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