SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Syracuse skyline is changing this week as giant letters “JMA” are slowly being installed on the outside of the JMA Wireless Dome.

Each letter is 25 feet tall, but when measuring the distance from the top of the A’s rings to the word “Dome” underneath, the entire sign will be about the height of the famous Hollywood letters in California.

The sign will face I-81.

Because of the letters’ height, they’re trucked in from a factory in pieces and put together at the base of the stadium. Because of their weight, a massive crane with crews from JPW Companies lifts them into the air while a second crane lifts a bucket with workers up 200 feet to attach the letters to brackets.

Because of the height, weather conditions are watched carefully before sending workers up in a dangling basket.

Pete Sala, the Dome’s longtime managing director and Chief Facilities Officer for Syracuse University, installed a weather station on top of the Dome that sends current conditions to his phone.

Winds have to be well below 20mph for work to be done.