SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The JMA Wireless Dome is home to Syracuse University Athletics. It is also becoming one of the hottest concert venues in Central New York.

Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and Def Leppard were all in town Saturday, August 5 for the second of three big events the Dome partnered with Live Nation to bring to the city.

Fans were thrilled to see the rock and roll trio. Jason Buckley, a Def Leppard fan from Cicero, said, “When “Pyromania” came out, I bought it almost first thing. I bought “High and Dry” almost first thing. It brings me 40 years younger, so I love it. It’s awesome.”

Another fan said, “I grew up with everything they’ve sung – every song.”

The Dome will continue to please music fans with their efforts to bring even more acts to Syracuse.

“The word is out that Syracuse is a great venue. It’s a great place to come,” said the managing director of the Dome, Pete Sala. “I work really hard to put packages together where I’m not having to negotiate every show,” Sala explained. “This is what we are. This is what we’re able to do, and here’s what we want to work with you to make it work. And that has been a great opportunity for me to get more shows.”

The Bruce Springsteen concert on September 7, 2023 is the next event to look forward to, but these shows don’t come without challenges.

The Syracuse University sports teams remain a top priority even with the Dome’s recent success as a music venue. Sala said, “There’s five of them that this is their primary venue, but there’s the students. We’ve got convocation, commencement. And when I get into these seasons, it’s tough to fit a tour.”

In addition to scheduling, parking and traffic have been something the Dome staff is paying close attention to. However, several concertgoers on August 5 said parking was not an issue.

“When we saw McCartney last year, parking in and leaving after was phenomenal,” Buckley said. “Whatever they’re doing is working.”

Sala says the staff meets after every event to talk about anything that is not working and to figure out how to improve.

You can visit for a full list of events coming to the Dome.