JMA Wireless teams with local doctor to create Emergency Ventilation Mechanical System

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LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — JMA Wireless is making its plans for an emergency ventilation mechanical system available as a free, open-source design for manufacturers globally.

It’s quite a switch for the country’s leader in 5G wireless technology and software-based communication systems.

Dr. John Callahan, a physician of internal medicine, initiated the idea after quickly realizing the COVID-19 pandemic would lead to a ventilator shortage problem.

“I absolutely felt compelled to do something. I’m a big believer in think globally but I can only act locally,” he tells NewsChannel 9.

While looking for some solutions Callahan says he found a design at MIT and worked with them to refine it. He says because they weren’t going to be moving to production he looked for someone who would manufacturer the device.

He reached out to Syracuse University, which quickly put Callahan in touch with JMA Wireless.

In ten days JMA engineers in consultation with Dr. Callahan came up with the Pandemic Response Emergency Ventilation Assembled in Liverpool New York, PREVAIL NY for short.

“We are so fortunate here in Central New York to still have a manufacturing base and knowledgeable professions that could actually bring this design concept to an actual product, and that’s truly amazing,” Callahan says.

In preclinical testing, the system was able to provide and restore ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome-damaged lungs.

“And what’s unique about the design is that it’s a simple mechanical actuation but it’s made of two components that are readily available at most hospitals. And this is really the basis of the ventilator system. It’s a bag, valve, mask system,” Callahan adds.

And he says there should be familiarity for physicians around the world because it has many of the same technical components common to ventilators that currently exist.

Dr. John Callahan, Internal Medicine Physician, ” It’s a bit daunting but again I’m very proud of the whole community support not only I have received but JMA has received to field this idea into an actual product.”

In addition to developing the open-source design, PREVAIL NY LLC estimates its immediate manufacturing capacity at hundreds of systems per week.

Other manufacturers can download the free design specifications and components list to quickly scale production by clicking here.

PREVAIL NY is designed to augment the existing ventilator supply in the short term when no other traditional U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved ventilation options are available, providing key basic ventilation functions to relieve doctors of the need to make life-and-death decisions due to ventilator shortages. 

The design has not yet been authorized for emergency use by the FDA or any other regulatory body.

PREVAIL NY has submitted an initial application to the FDA for emergency use authorization (EUA) and will submit additional information and documentation in the coming days in the hopes of securing an EUA for the device.

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