Three-year-olds living in Jordan-Elbridge are now in school and ready to learn — all thanks to a state grant.  

The district was awarded money to expand the Pre-K program which initially was for 4-year-olds to include 3-year-olds.

The program began in January of 2017, making this the first full school year for the toddlers. 

Parents tell NewsChannel 9 one benefit is saving on childcare. 

As for teachers, they say the extra year helps toddlers develop much needed social skills sooner. 

“Long-term the social emotional development has a huge impact on kids,” said Pre-K teacher Gail Craig. “They have found when kids don’t have that opportunity to build those skills early they come into school and do okay, but then you start to see a breaking point.” 

The program runs Monday through Friday and includes breakfast and lunch.