SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — While Matthew Greene, 33, awaits trial, he will remain behind bars. He was arrested last week and faces a number of charges including conspiracy. He appeared before a judge Monday morning for a virtual hearing.

Recording the hearing is not permitted because it is federal court, but reporters were able to listen in. Greene’s lawyer, Gabrielle DiBella, a Federal Public Defender, laid blame on former President Donald Trump for the attack, saying he played on people’s fears and their patriotism.

DiBella added that Greene had no criminal history, has lived peacefully in his community and is a veteran. Greene served as a Specialist and Human Intelligence Collector in the National Guard from 2008 to 2014.

However, U.S. Attorney Stephen Green said the Syracuse man should stay behind bars based on what the FBI found during a raid at his house in mid-January. Specifically, they found three firearms he did not have a permit for: two handguns and an AR-15. One of those guns was found in a shelf with a secret compartment.

Law enforcement also found large amounts of ammunition as well as a gas mask, respirator and replacement kit at his home purchased after the Capitol riots. They also found a camoflauge backpack that matched one Greene had in photos taken at the Capitol as well as chat messages he sent to other ‘Proud Boys.’

The judge said he was not a flight risk, but was a danger to the community so he would remain in custody. His case is now transferred to Washington D.C. It’s not clear when he will be back in court.

Greene was fired this weekend from the company he helped found and worked as a Chief Technology and Operating Officer.