SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A supreme court judge had a video conference with representatives from Green National and the City of Syracuse on Thursday to talk about security issues at the Skyline apartments.

Towards the end of the video conference, the judge issued a temporary order that would force the owners of Green National to have a certain number of security guards at the building at all times. The judge said if someone were to call out sick or quit, that position would need to be filled within a certain amount of time.

NewsChannel 9 went through several court documents and witness statements that talked about the lack of security at the apartment building. A former security guard who worked there said people would swear and yell at him while he was checking them in. He also said there weren’t security cameras in the stairwell. He said he ultimately quit because he didn’t feel safe.

Towards the end of the video conference, the judge asked the representative for Green National to put a security camera on the back door of the building.

The next court date is scheduled for May 27.