SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Candlewood Suites offers long term stays, and for some at the Salina location, it’s become home.

Nicole Sinda and Joshua Williams have lived there together for six months.

A week ago they and other tenants were told they had to leave. Sinda said some were told it was due to renovations. She said she was given, “No reason.”

It was later learned the hotel was going to allow asylum seekers from New York City to stay there. The town of Salina and Onondaga County filing for a temporary restraining order which a state supreme court judge granted.

Susan Griffith is a managing attorney at Legal Services of Central New York and represents at least five households living at the hotel. She said a written notice was not given to them and the eviction process was not followed.

“It’s black letter law that this is something you cannot do,” Griffith said.

The situation becoming dire for some.

“One tenant has had to stay in her car for a little while until this order came into effect,” Griffith explained.

Griffith filed an order to show cause. A town of Salina judge ordering tenants can continue living there.

“I feel a little relieved, it gives me time to get on my feet,” said Hannah Grace, who has lived at Candlewood Suites since November.

Griffith said tenant/landlord disputes are common, but this case is different.

“What is most unusual about this situation is it happened to a whole bunch of people at one time,” Griffith said.

Griffith said the tenants can remain here at Candlewood Suites until a court evicts them.