A jury has found Timothy Dean, the Texas police chief charged in a double murder in Sodus, guilty of two counts of murder.

Dean was arrested last year after the double shooting of Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn on Carlton Street.

Prosecutors say a custody battle between Dean’s wife Charlene Childers and her ex-partner Niles led to the murder plot. In court, Dean’s wife testified against him, saying after losing custody of her kids to Niles, she told Dean something had to be done.

Childers said in court, “I told my husband the murder had to happen and he agreed.”

Testimony from Dean’s friend Bron Bohlar, who served with Dean in the Sunray, Texas Police Department, further elaborated on Dean’s supposed murder plot. Bohlar told the court that Dean originally planned to stage Niles’ death as an overdose.

“He was going to put a fentanyl patch on him,” Bohlar said in court.

Prosecutors also presented evidence of a ski mask found at the crime scene that later tested positive for Dean’s DNA.

However, defense attorney Joseph Damelio blamed Childers for the murder while framing Childers and Bohlar as “liar, a thief and a cheat.”

Both Childers and Bohlar previously pleaded guilty to charges connected to the deaths. Last month Childers took a plea deal for manslaughter in the case. Before that, Bohlar accepted a plea for conspiracy for helping Dean rent a car to make the trip from Texas to New York.