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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The first snowfall of the season can come as a shock, reminding us of what’s to come. As for crews at the Syracuse Department of Public Works, they were ready for it.

“We’re still out there, we’re still clearing the streets, snows still coming down,” said Corey Driscoll Dunham, Chief Operating Officer of the City of Syracuse.

Plow drivers have their routes mapped out and you can track them too.

“It gets tedious you know, after a while you get frustrated. It feels like you’re doing nothing, you’re accomplishing nothing,” said Edward Firnstein with the Syracuse DPW.

The longest Firnstein has spent behind the wheel is 17 hours, making sure plows are always on the road while trying to keep up with changing and challenging weather conditions.

So when you look outside your window and it seems like a plow hasn’t been through, Firnstein wants you to know they’re out there.

“We have to take everything from the center to the curb. When we go up the street when we get to the corner, we take the center of the intersection out on a righthand turn, we go to the next corner, make another righthand turn, and then continue making righthand turns around every block all night long,” he said.

Firnstein gave NewsChannel 9’s Nicole Sommavilla a crash course on what plow drivers face every storm, and how they get our tires back to pavement.

“It’s not hard, it’s tedious,” said Firnstein. “Every time you get one done, you look back, Mother Nature took everything you did and took it away from you.”

While these crews are retracing their tracks, you can too. The City Snow Plow Map went live last winter.

“Residents can go onto the website and see when was the last time their street was plowed,” said Driscoll Dunham. “Oftentimes, especially when we have continual snow, it’s tough to tell whether a plow has been down your street or not.”

Now, you can see which roads have been plowed, which streets are still waiting, and which ones have been plowed within the last hour.

While you’re waiting for your block to be cleared, Firnstein hopes you’ll be patient.

“Some streets, like James Street, is so wide we have to go up that four or five times.”

If there’s a ‘trouble spot’ you’d like to report, you can call the City of Syracuse at (315) 448-2489.

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