UPDATE (5/11/22 7:36 p.m.) — Two people killed in a house fire Monday morning on Syracuse’s west side have been identified by Syracuse Police. 

The two victims have been identified as Julie Brown, 67, and Kristy Tucker, 29.

During a news conference Monday afternoon, Fire Chief Michael Monds said the fire broke out around 8:30 a.m. at a home on 119 Olive Street. Monds said the victims are women, but their names have not been released.

Two other people were injured and transported to the hospital, their conditions are unknown at the time.

Monds said the fire spread quickly through the home and it was in flames from the basement to the attic by the time firefighters arrived which was within three minutes of the call. The fire also spread to the home next door. The people living in that home were able to get out. Monds said seven people lived in the first-floor apartment of the home, six were home at the time of the fire, and three people lived in the upstairs apartment, they were not home.

The fire was so intense it burned a hole in one of the fire hoses, forcing firefighters to fight the blaze from outside the home.  

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. 61 of the 69 firefighters on duty at the time were called to the scene to battle the fire.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – One person has died in a house fire on the far west side of the City of Syracuse, Syracuse Police confirm to NewsChannel 9.

Syracuse Fire Chief Michael Monds would not confirm any deaths.

The fire started at a home on 119 Olive Street just before 8:30 a.m. Monday and spread to 119.5 Olive Street, the chief said. This is the neighborhood just behind Twin Trees Too, near the border with the Village of Solvay.

Firefighters may have been slightly delayed by the information initially called into 911. The fire chief says only an investigatory crew was dispatched, based on what the caller said, until the 911 call-taker heard active smoke detector alarms in the background and upgraded the response.

When fire crews arrived, some people had gotten out of the homes on their own and others were trapped inside. Fire investigators are getting conflicting information regarding how many people were at home when the fire started. The chief said either nine or ten, at this point.

The fire chief said his firefighters responded to a “chaotic” scene, including live electric wires down from poles overhead. An initial hose run into the home had a hole burned into it, which the chief called “one of the most dangerous things we face.”

The fire is still under investigation and drivers are asked to avoid the area.

NewsChannel 9 has a crew at the scene and will post more information as it becomes available.

Editorial note: An earlier edition of this report referred to this address as being in the Village of Solvay. The address is in the City of Syracuse.