TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- Many local law enforcement agencies across the state across the state are increasing patrols around school after a deadly shooting at a school in Texas.

Tompkins County Sheriff, Derek Osborne, says you’ll see his deputies around the school a little more than usual. “Obviously when something like that happens even if it’s in another state it causes a lot of stress so we thought it would be nice to hopefully alleviate some of that stress for the young ones going to school and the parents and staff and what we ask our deputies to do is to work a little bit of overtime.”

He said for the past three years, he’s encouraged deputies to park in school parking lots when they need fill out reports etc. He also it gives them a chance to build a relationship with the community in hopes to help prevent some of these tragedies. “There’s times when kids are in school, they’ll see us and build that rapport with the deputy and maybe if they have something happen later in their life that relationship is kind of already there and they don’t have to face that with such a negative connotation.”

He also says the car might deter people from committing a violent act. “On the flip side if somebody sees a marked patrol unit nearby a school, maybe they’ll think twice before taking on any criminal activity.”

The Onondaga, Oneida, and Oswego County Sheriff’s offices along with the Oneida City Police Department have also increased patrols around schools.