SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — As we head into Halloween weekend, New York colleges and universities are preparing for what is typically a major party weekend on and off campuses.

At Le Moyne, students would normally be prepping for a dance party on campus, which is held every year at the Rec Center. But because of COVID-19, it’s cancelled.

Danie Merrill, a Le Moyne Senior, said, “It’s rough, I mean especially for seniors, you know, this is something that we look forward to every year and it’s traditions that bond students together.”

“It’s the big event of the fall semester,” Danny Bonsangue, President of SGA at Le Moyne, said.

The college plans to bring students together in other, safer ways, with smaller activities like trivia night, food trucks and outdoor movies. This will hopefully discourage students from partying off campus and potentially spreading COVID-19.

Ann Bersani, Associate Director of Campus life and Leadership at Le Moyne, said, “There’s been a few incidents but by and large, our students are really doing the hard work of keeping us here.”

“They’ve adapted well,” Bonsangue said. “You know people come to events that they maybe wouldn’t have because that’s what’s available now. And people have worked so hard at these events that I really hope that it’ll be enough.”

Most students NewsChannel 9 talked to don’t see Halloween weekend bringing any huge problems. 

“I’ve seen quite a few amazing moments where people have been you know, ‘we have to really stand back and take a look at what we’re doing here,'” Merrill said.

But, they’ve also seen the minority ruin it for others. 

“Now is the time to really hunker down, and please just stay in this Halloween weekend,” Bonsangue said. “It is one Halloween weekend out of the god willing many in your life. Just relax for a minute, alright.”

Campus security will be making their typical “rounds” on campus this weekend to make sure there are no large gatherings.