DEWITT, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, there is a good chance you either bought or received flowers. So, what can you do to keep the flowers smelling fresh for weeks to come?

“Keep the water really nice and clean,” Arielle Grabowski, a florist from Coleman Florist INC., said. “So, if it gets cloudy and mucky, make sure you take them out and refill them.”

Flower food can also be a great source of nutrients to help extend the life of your flowers. If you don’t have flower food, simple life hacks like adding bleach or soda to your vase, can help extend the life of your Valentine’s Day flowers.

“The aspirin and the vinegar, or sometimes people will use bleach, it helps prevent bacterial growth,” Grabowski said. “Things like Sprite, they have sugar, so they naturally kind of feed the plant.”

If these life hacks don’t work and your flowers begin to wilt, don’t give up on them right away.

Grabowski said, “So, if you do see your flowers begin to get a little wilty, giving them a nice fresh cut before throwing them out, and putting them back into some lukewarm water can help perk them up.”

If you are going to re-cut your flowers, make sure you use a sharp knife or pruners. A dull knife or scissors could crush the ends not allowing any water through. 

However, none of these life hacks will help if your flowers don’t make it home safely.

“Do not leave them in your car,” Grabowski said. “They will freeze, and they freeze really quickly.”

So, get your flowers home quickly and follow these tips to keep your significant other smiling throughout the Valentine’s Day weekend.

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