LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — First the pandemic forced couples to push back their weddings to now cutting back on expenses for their big day because of rising inflation. The cost of getting married is costing couples more than they expected.

Many of them are now shifting to a smaller wedding to save money, like Kim and Jacob Lovejoy of Liverpool. Rising inflation.. might be the worst wedding crasher ever! Costing couples a pretty penny to say “I Do.”

“I mean when you really want to do the big barn weddings and stuff, you want the dress, you want the barn, you want the decor it’s just, it’s a lot of money,” says Kim Lovejoy.

A lot of money costs Kim her dream wedding.

“As a little girl I always hoped I would have some big wedding and have that big white ball gown and just have that day,” says Kim Lovejoy.

That day turned into something much different. As soon as Kim and Jacob got engaged in December, they started planning their fairytale wedding.

“I started looking at magazines and I went to the Syracuse bridal shows,” says Kim Lovejoy.

Originally the couple wanted to get married this coming October in a barn and have a rustic-type wedding. But after a little more than two months of planning and getting all of the details, they would be spending nearly $100,000.. a high price they just couldn’t afford.

Instead, Kim and Jacob eloped at the Camillus Town Courthouse. The couple invited around 15 people including their close friends and family and held a small reception after their ceremony.

“It was quiet and all of our family took time off work and they came and it was beautiful. I think there were probably around 15 of us packed into that little courtroom and it was beautiful. It was short the judge read to us everything that a normal wedding would have and we said our I Do’s and that was that,” says Kim Lovejoy.

The couple says they don’t regret having a small wedding. But they’re hoping down the road when costs aren’t as high, they can have that big wedding they always dreamed of.

However, they did save enough money to go on a honeymoon.