(WSYR-TV) — A local 13-year-old with a passion for coding is trying to make Christmas cheer contagious with a coordinated light show.

Nicholas Burlarley has spent the last year building and bringing to life what’s being called Bridgeport’s Brightest Lights. He mowed lawns and did other odd jobs throughout the year in order to pay for all the lights and software.

With months of work, Nicholas made sure all the lights match with the music. Inspired by another local light show, he knew he could bring the spirit — and the shine — to his neighborhood.

But, his vision was almost stolen by a visit from a grinch. Someone had cut several lights and swiped several bulbs.

Thankfully, his family was able to get new lights in time for Friday’s show. A year’s worth of work wasn’t going to be spoiled by someone who isn’t in the spirit.

The light show is located at 7911 Rinaldo Blvd. N in Bridgeport and can be viewed all December long.

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