(WSYR-TV) — A local artist from CNY has raised $130,000 for Ukraine just by selling her artwork, and she doesn’t plan on stopping.

Katya Bratslavsky has sold 75 paintings since the war in Ukraine began. While born and raised in Russia, Bratslavsky says she is Ukrainian by marriage. Her husband is a physician at Upstate and a native of Kyiv, Ukraine.

“His best friend in Ukraine is a pediatric trauma surgeon, so we call each other every day. Our day starts with a phone call to Ukraine. We go to bed, we call Ukraine. So we know firsthand what’s going on,” says Bratslavsky.

People living in fear each day, trying to survive.

Bratslavsky is doing what she can to make sure her husband’s family, friends, and the people of Ukraine are getting what they need.

“If it’s medications for the children, or just food, or simply water, we have a way of wiring the money straight to the account of that children’s hospital in Kyiv,” says Bratslavsky.

The money from Bratslavsky’s paintings are also going towards medications needed at the cancer center in Ukraine.

Bratslavsky is having a show in Manhattan this weekend, where she will be selling more of her paintings and hoping to raise as much money as she can — giving it all to Ukraine. She says she has sold paintings not only here in Central New York, but Florida, California, Illinois, and other states.

If you’re interested in buying one of her paintings or donating, click here.