FULTON, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Next Level Nutrition is a place Rylee Bartlett would often visit with friends, her family, and her boyfriend, Brady Niver.

She was here on Saturday, April 29, just one day before the crash that took her life.

She grabbed an energy drink before her lacrosse game, and folks here say the dirty turtle was her favorite. The staff wanted to do something to help her family, so they decided to sell the drink and donate all proceeds to her family.

When staff arrived this morning there was a line outside, and by 9:30 a.m., they were sold out.

They are now offering a pink drink, Rylee’s favorite color and the money from that drink will also go directly to the Bartlett family.

One of the owners here, Erin Burton worked in the Fulton City School District for a number of years and knew Rylee, Brady, and their families. She shared her memories of the young couple.

“They were a couple since grade school. They were always together. She was a big part of their family as well as he was a big part of hers so it’s devastating for all of them. they were really close and it’s devastating for everybody,” said Burton.

Next Level Nutrition sold about 200 drinks today, and has ordered more supplies for Rylee’s favorite drink, so they can continue this fundraiser through Friday, May 5.