CAMILLUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- The week before Christmas neighbors are rushing to stores to get their shopping done and many are working on a tight budget, so some local stores have made changes to accommodate that.

Aubry Panek, the owner of Witty Wicks Candles and Gift Shop says her store has been busy.

“We have been super busy and we are very fortunate that we have great community support from the time we open the doors in the morning, until the time we close at night,” says Panek. “We have a store full of people and we’re giving them everything they need.”

Monica Villegas owns Floridella Boutique in Armory Square, and she says she expects to get busier.

“I get last-minute buyers,” Villegas says. Most of her customers work near her shop, which is convenient.

Prices are rising almost everywhere which means the Christmas gift budgets are tight for many this year. Panek and Villegas say inflation has impacted both of them, but they’re doing what they can so customers don’t feel that impact as much.

“People are absolutely budgeting and because of that we have 20% off all of our ornaments and our Christmas décor because a lot of people give ornaments for Christmas, so instead of waiting for after Christmas to do a sale we decided to do that now,” says Villegas.

Villegas says to fight inflation, she’s not raising her prices much.