SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- Colleges across the country will be welcoming students back to campus soon, and with Monkeypox becoming more of a concern across the country and COVID still alive, colleges are being cautious.

Dr. Jeanne Hart-Steffes is the Special Assistant to the Provost at Le Moyne College. She says the beginning of the semester is her favorite.

We’re excited to bring our new Phin family back and to welcome our new family members coming in, so this is for me like one of the greatest times of the year.

Dr. Jeanne Hart-Steffes, Special Assistant to the Provost

Dr. Steffes said they are keeping an eye on COVID. “Masks right now are being required in the wellness center or health services, they’re being required on-campus transportation.” She said she really hopes students carry masks with them all the time.

They’re encouraging students to take at-home tests before move-in day. Dr. Steffes says everyone is required to have the full vaccine series, and boosters are strongly recommended. They’ve also been monitoring Monkeypox.

“What we have done thus far is got information together and we will be providing information to our campus next week regarding Monkeypox and how we’re going to monitor and how we’ll resolve and assist with any type of fluctuations in vaccination or in those individuals that get sick,” she said.

Click here for information about Le Moyne COVID protocols.

Syracuse University protocols can be found here.