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CICERO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — J and R Property Services is looking to the sun for some help to get the job done this upcoming spring.

The company is moving in the green direction, and step one of that plan is going solar.

“There will be 3 rows of solar panels which will offset our electric use by 100 percent,” said Jeff DeLine, owner and president of J and R Property Services.

Come Spring, a total of 108 panels will produce enough electricity to offset the business’s annual electric consumption.

It’s a large investment that DeLine is confident will pay off.

“It’s going to be about a 10 year investment and we think after 10 years, we’re going to have a return of about $150,000,” explained DeLine.

Gas and oil are powering the landscape equipment the company has been using, but soon the power from the solar panels will be able to recharge battery operated tools such as hedge trimmers, blowers and chainsaws to help get the job done.

Another benefit of electric equipment is less noise, which serves as a win-win for the customer and the employee.

“It’s going to be safer for the employee as they are quieter and there’s no exhaust going right in there face all the time while they’re working through the day,” said DeLine.

While DeLine and his company are taking the steps to go green, they’re looking for more ways to keep improving in the future.

“Some of our future plans down the road when the technology becomes more advanced and becomes more affordable we would like to go all electric, whether it’s our trucks, cars, everything…We’d like to be 100% electric, as there’s no direct emissions and it’s more efficient,” said DeLine.

New York State offers ways to make solar energy more accessible and affordable for home and business owners.

Click here for the different Upstate incentives New York State offers for businesses and homeowners.

For more information on the Federal Tax Incentive, click here.

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