LAFAYETTE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Beak & Skiff, who is known for their hard cider, has made a new drink. It’s an organic CBD infused seltzer that went for sale at the end of January.

President for Beak & Skiff, Eddie Brennan, said this drink is new.

“We are the first really compliant CBD beverage on the market in New York State.”

Brennan says he knows he can’t always rely on apples, he needs to roll with the times.

“We think that New York State over the next several years is really going to be at the cutting edge in leading the charge in the cannabis space and we’re really excited about the future.”

Kaelan Castetter, the CEO for Empire Standard, said over the past several years the hemp industry has grown. “I’d say the popularity when it comes to hemp and CBD especially has just skyrocketed, everyone’s talking about it.”

Castetter predicts it will be a multibillion-dollar industry in New York, saying it will provide good-paying jobs. “It’s going to help more and more businesses such as Beak & Skiff and continue to develop products, so you know the sky is the limit really.”

To purchase the seltzer, click here.