As churches in Texas host services this Sunday, in memory of those who lost their lives at a shooting in Texas, so will churches in Central New York. 

“God is in those moments of tragedy, he is in those moments where we wonder, question where he is, but he’s there to pick up the pieces,” said Pastor Alan Rudnick of DeWitt Community Church.

DeWitt Community Church is 26 hours away from a Sutherland Springs church where Sunday 25 people and an unborn child lost their lives.

“To think that they were doing the same thing that we were doing, they were worshiping God, they were singing, we were singing. The very word sanctuary…is a place of safety. It’s a place of worship, it’s a place where people are trying to find something [for] an hour on Sunday,” said Pastor Rudnick.

Spending an hour to seek meaning in our daily questions and solace in some of life’s true tribulations that we may never understand. 

“People have to remember that nowhere in the Bible are we promised a perfect life, the only thing when we look in the Bible is Jesus promised an abundant life, a full life that we would experience everything life has to offer the good, the bad and the indifferent,” said Pastor Rudnick.

While they may never understand, Rudnick says they should never live in the shadow of fear. 

As for security measures, the Pastor says even at a church, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. The DeWitt Community Church has its own security measures, Pastor Rudnick would not go into detail, but he says they are there.