SYRACUSE. N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- As the state reopens, many restaurants are preparing for their busy summer season and some are having a hard time looking for employees.

Nick Ford is the General Manager for Limp Lizard. He said he hasn’t seen much as much interest. “We haven’t had many applicants at all, we’ve put out some stuff on Facebook and Indeed and everything like that, but I get one application every few weeks.”

Ford says they need about 20 employees between all three locations. “We just don’t have the flexibility to expand to our outdoor seating and everything like that, and we’re just trying to get more staff in here as soon as possible.”

The owner of Chelsea’s Bar and Restaurant said she’s also having issues finding people to work for her. She’s looking for two chefs. The Executive Chef, Terrence McRae says having the extra hands in the kitchen makes the experience better for customers.

“It kind of limits the amount of people you can have in your restaurant because you don’t want your guests to suffer because the kitchen isn’t able to push out the food the way you would like it to,” McRae said.

Both restaurants said the pandemic hasn’t helped. “The unemployment thing, I’m sure you’ve seen the boosted unemployment has made it easier for people to stay home, than work, and we’ve upped our pay and stuff like that and we take good care of our employees.”

Ford says those who are interested in applying can go to any of the Limp Lizard locations.

To apply at Chelsea’s Bar and Restaurant, just head to the restaurant.