NORTH SYRACUSE, N. Y. (WSYR-TV) — Students returning to school after the holiday break were given COVID-19 tests to take at home. Thousands arrived from the state arrived over the weekend.

The amount of tests supplied to each district depended on student enrollment. The North Syracuse School District received 7,800 kits to give out to their 11 schools. Superintendent Dan Bowles says the kits provided by the State Health Department will help them decide how to safely move forward in the new year.

“I want to make sure we use the data wisely. As it is producing asymptomatic positive cases, we look at that and try to address those issues. It could also tell us what we’re doing well within our building, looking at our current 7-day average and looking at our numbers on how we can keep our students and staff safe,” Superintendent Bowles said.

Each kit comes with two tests. Parents are expected to report positive results to both their child’s school nurse and the Onondaga County Health Department through its home testing page.

“COVID has really set us and students back and we want to do everything for our community and again for our students and staff to ensure in-person instruction. The Governor was very clear they want to keep in person instruction because they’ve seen what we’ve gone through with virtual and that did not work out best for kids,” Superintendent Bowles said.

The Liverpool Central School District also handed out tests Monday. At West Genesee and East Syracuse Minoa, parents lined up Sunday to get them. Syracuse City Schools were closed on Monday, but distributed tests.