CENTRAL SQUARE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- Central Square Superintendent, Tom Colabufo, has been driving the school’s hockey players to practice since November 2022 due to a sub-driver shortage.

Colabufo drives a van with five hockey players to Fulton and back three to four times a week.

“We have a shortage of drivers, we have a shortage of sub drivers, so many of our drivers that are out sick or out on medical, our subs are already filling in for them,” said Colabufo.

Colabufo said he had to do everything a driver would have to do.

“I didn’t know I had to do the full physical or all of those but I found that out when I got there, but anything I had to do to be able to help these kids,” said Colabufo. “Hockey you start at age three, so I couldn’t imagine if they got all the way to high school and couldn’t play.”

He said the students seemed entertained by the fact he was driving.

“They definitely get a kick out of having their superintendent drive them, so they know that I played hockey when I was in school and oftentimes we just talk about hockey. They’re great kids though they really are and I’m glad we are able to do this because their parents wouldn’t be able to drive them to Fulton, so these kids that played hockey their whole lives they wouldn’t be able to play anymore when they got to the high school and we just couldn’t have that happen.”

Colabufo said he would like to hire 10-12 more sub-drivers.

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