Local wildlife rehabilitator: It’s a challenging job but the second chance is worth it

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MANLIUS, NY (WSYR-TV) — Cindy Page has been taking care of animals all her life. 

Page said, “Years ago when I was a little girl, I’d be the one in the neighborhood that if there was a little bunny that was hurt or seemed to need help or a little bird, I ended up with it.”

Becoming a wildlife rehabilitator was second nature for Page. She’s cared for flying squirrels, gyrfalcons and great horned owls to name a few.

Just like any profession, it comes with its own challenges. 

Page said, “We know that we’ll have losses and the losses, of course, are disappointing but what I do is look back, did I do all the right care, did they have the right veterinary help, did I do everything correctly, would I change anything and if the answer is no you have to let it go.”

Her backyard, “the meadow” as she calls it, is the perfect place for wildlife to take off on their second chance. 

Page said, “We maintain some animals here permanently because we have to but it’s sad for me to see any wild animal in a cage.”

The highs, lows and everything in between are difficult for Page to describe in one word.

Page said, “What I can say is that all of us as people need to do things to make the world a better place and we don’t all do the same thing and this is our niche that we have developed the expertise and the ability to do a really good job with helping wild animals.”

That’s really something Page wants you to remember. If you come across an animal that may be injured, resist the urge to pick up the animal and bring it to her. Observe it first then call a professional to ask what to do. 

You can click here to find a wildlife rehabilitator near you.

Or, if you’re interested in becoming a licensed wildlife rehabilitator yourself, you can click here for more information. 

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