CICERO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– At just three months old, Michelle Calveric was adopted in Syracuse by a loving mom and dad. She was raised as an only child and said she had a wonderful life growing up in North Syracuse, but she always wondered about her birth parents. 

“I think there was always that glimmer of curiosity but the older I got the more it burned,” Calveric said.

After much thought and consideration for her family, she decided to go looking and took a 23andMe DNA test earlier this year.

“Everyday I would go back and check, check, check and then all of a sudden one day it was like boom there’s your results it was crazy,” she said.

What she discovered was more than she could have ever imagined. She was first matched with her maternal grandmother and through that match was able to locate who she believed to be her cousins on Facebook. After reaching out, her cousins were able to put her in contact with her biological father who had no idea she existed. 

“By that night I was on the phone with my biological father and he said I really kinda wanted to poke holes in this he said but this is it and he says I think you’re my daughter,” Calveric said. 

She was immediately flooded with emotions and said the moment was bittersweet. 

“It was crazy and it was again that same mix of emotions because there’s super happiness and excitement and there’s also that, you feel a little guilty being excited and being happy,” she said.

Her mother has been supportive through the whole journey and Calveric said she knows her late father would be happy for her too. 

“It just fills in this little blank that you know you’d always been wondering about,” she said.

Her newfound family includes three half-sisters and they have all welcomed her with open arms. 

“It just feels like all of a sudden you discovered you have you know more cousins, aunts, uncles what have you, you know this one just so happens to be my biological father,” she said.

Calveric is planning a trip to go meet her father with her mother and children next month. The day they meet will mark exactly 44 years to the day since she was adopted.