FAIRMOUNT, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- Many businesses across Central New York are looking for employees and a local assemblyman says right now is the best time to apply for jobs.

Madison Cline, the manager at Rise & Grind Café in Fairmount, works five jobs. During the pandemic she was laid off. “I was kind of stir crazy at that point, whether it was because of a pandemic or because I was just not working,” said Cline.

“I enjoyed having a schedule and at the end of the day feeling like I’ve done something.” she said. Cline got back in to the workforce in March.

Assemblyman Al Stirpe, from Cicero, said July is the perfect time to start. “Before the end of August is the best time to look for a job.” He added, “It’s not only that people are willing to pay more now or provide more benefits or even if you were just unhappy with the job you used to have, there are many employers that move you up to a different level job because they will provide the training.”

Cline said she learned a lot from the experience. “For me it’s opened my eyes a lot, to a bunch of other stuff that’s out there that allows you to personally and professionally grow. I’ve never managed anywhere before and now I’m managing a café and I love it. It’s a new connection after a pandemic and covid.”