TOWN OF NELSON, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Madison County District Attorney tells NewsChannel 9 he will accept the resignation of an assistant district attorney, Bradley Moses, who overdosed on illegal drugs, the Madison County Sheriff confirms.

Deputies responded to Moses’ home in the Town of Nelson last Saturday, July 30, for a possible overdose.

Deputies say they found two people were found unconscious, Moses and another person, but revived them with multiple doses of Narcan.

Deputies found a sample of the drug used, believed to be cocaine. Test results showed that the sample tested positive for traces of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is up to 50 times more potent than heroin.

Madison County District Attorney William Gabor said:

The Madison Sounty Sheriff’s Office responded and is completing its investigation. One of the individuals involved was a member of the District Attorney’s Office. He is completing a Family Leave application to address a personal problem and has offered his resignation; which will be accepted.

Madison County District Attorney William Gabor

Moses, who is also the only candidate for Madison County Court Judge, responded with his own version of the story. In a statement on his campaign website, Moses claims he was hospitalized with “kidney failure caused by severe dehydration as a result of high alcohol consumption.”

Moses’s statement continues:

A toxicology screen performed at the hospital showed that there were no illegal drugs in my system. I recognize I have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol that requires I receive the necessary help to overcome. I have taken a medial leave from the District Attorney’s office and I have already begun taking the appropriate measures to get better.

Bradley Moses

Moses’s DA badge and computer have been taken and he no longer has any access to files and the DA’s Office, according to the DA.

Moses’ name is still set to appear on November’s general election ballot for Madison County Court Judge. Facing no opponents, he’s likely to get the job.

In a statement posted to Facebook, the Madison County Conservative Party Committee writes:

If he does not withdraw from the race in the coming days, he will very likely face an organized write in campaign in November. Further, he will face a judicial conduct hearing if he is elected, which will likely result in his removal from the Bench, if the allegations made in the Sheriff’s investigation are proven to be true.