Madison County Sheriff calls for changes to bail reform law as crime goes up

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MADISON COUNTY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — One year ago the Madison County Sheriff called for changes to the bail reform law, and with nothing done, he says crime is going up.

Repeal bail reform, that’s what Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood has been pushing for since it became law.

“Do away with cash bail altogether. Let the judges decide who goes to jail and who doesn’t once the officers arraign them,” says Sheriff Hood.

Last October, Sheriff Hood and other law enforcement members came together calling on the state and now the former governor, saying the current bail reform law interferes with keeping violent people off the streets. Since that announcement, nothing has changed or been done.

“We had one kid who stole six cars. We let him out of our patrol division because we had to and he started going through the parking lot looking to see if keys were in the car in the county office building,” says Sheriff Hood.

Sheriff Hood says these criminals are not going to stop until they are put in jail.

He says the arrest of Caitlin Frost of Madison County is what sticks out the most. Frost was arrested twice for drug crimes and released.

“She’s out on a class b felony running around, she’s driving suspended with a New York State drivers license. She kills a father of four in Bridgeport New York crashes into him while she’s high on meth, fentanyl and marijuana,” says Sheriff Hood.

Sheriff Hood says without bail reform laws, Frost would have been behind bars. But instead, was released, resulting in the crash.

Sheriff Hood added, “Four children and a wife don’t have a father now because of that incident and that’s just one of them. But the cases go on and on.”

Hood says he is concerned it’s going to get worse, adding that they are continuing to see a constant percentage of people re-offending and it’s draining the resources right out of their departments.

“We can’t bring them to jail when they’ve stolen six times from your local store and they are becoming a real menace. Now we have to give them an appearance ticket. Eventually they’ll be held accountable where they have to go to court. But all that time, you know that’s six months when they get the appearance ticket until they have to make the next appearance. These people are all running around, burglarizing, re-offending and its just really been crippling,” says Sheriff Hood.

Sheriff Hood says there needs to be some restraints where they have the ability to keep people safe.

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