Makeup Monday: Sanitizing Your Makeup Tools

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Bacteria lives on many surfaces, but one place that is often overlooked are makeup tools. Owner of Syracuse Makeup Artistry, Riki Lebied demonstrates how to properly sanitize makeup brushes, eye shadows, powders and more.

By just using household items such as alcohol and a spray bottle, you can easily disinfect your makeup. Lebied recommends using 70% isopropyl alcohol for better evaporation. Spray on your pallets and powders to remove bacteria.

“I recommend cleaning your brushes daily, and doing a more intense wash once a week. For brushes I recommend the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner,” she adds. Lebied says using Dawn dish soap is another alternative to use when cleaning brushes.

For mascara, Lebied recommends using disposables to apply the makeup for extra precaution. “Replace your mascara very regularly, usually every 4-6 weeks,” she adds.

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