SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — 41-year-old Jesse Geiger of Clay has been charged with felony criminal mischief after shattering windows of cars and businesses along North Salina Street.

Columbus Bakery and at least four other nearby places, along with multiple cars were damaged by vandalism early Friday morning, March 24.

“I was just training a new employee and it just so happen that I heard a big bang and there he was at the door,” said Jimmy Retzos, owner of Columbus Bakery.

Retzos telling NewsChannel 9 he witnessed the vandalism firsthand around 3:30 a.m.

“He threw a big cement boulder through the front door and I was standing right there. We looked at each other right when he threw the thing. It exploded through the door and then hit me in the leg,” said Retzos.

Across the street on N Salina, Eboni Chapman woke up to her rear car window shattered to pieces.

“We didn’t notice it until the morning. I didn’t hear a thing. Just a big thing, upon coming out getting the kids ready to take their walk to their bus stop,” said Chapman.

The concrete cinder block used to break out her back window is still laying just feet away on the sidewalk. Surprised and frustrated, Chapman expects to shell out nearly $900.00 for repairs to her car. She hopes something like this never happens again.

At Columbus Bakery, frustration is also running high. Retzos estimates $10,000 in damage was done by the vandalism. The store window and door remain boarded up for now and business will run as usual.

Geiger remains behind bars and is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, March 29th.

Following Geiger’s arrest, SPD was able to connect him to the rest of the vandalism cases that took place on North Salina street Friday morning.

Other addresses that were vandalized:

  • 429 North Salina
  • 329 North Salina (Helio Health)
  • 839 North Salina
  • 847 North Salina (vehicles)
  • 853 North Salina   
  • 912 North Salina
  • 700 North Salina (two more vehicles)