SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Spring break is getting off to a rough start for travelers.

Both JetBlue and Spirit Airlines canceled and delayed hundreds of flights over the weekend. The reason? Staffing shortages and severe weather.

Frustrated, upset, mad… many travelers told NewsChannel 9 Monday they will never fly Spirit or JetBlue Airlines again after their recent experience.

Joelle Greer of Cicero is one of those people. She says she lost two days of her vacation in Florida after JetBlue cancelled her flight just hours before it was scheduled to leave Albany on Friday.

“We were just getting ready to get on the road to Albany and it was about 7:20, 7:30 and actually my son got the email first that JetBlue had cancelled our flight,” says Greer.

JetBlue apologizing in that email, saying it was looking for other flight options.

“We took almost two hours to finally get a hold of an actual person to try to rebook and we were on for almost an hour, almost on like a conference call where they tried to see what they could do,” says Greer.

JetBlue finally able to book them on a flight out of Rochester on Sunday.

Greer added, “So we had to go to Rochester Saturday night because our flight was at 6 and rent a car and we had no food in our house because everyone ate everything up because we were going to be gone for a week.”

Greer says she is now worried about getting home. She says when she initially booked her flight home to Syracuse, it was supposed to depart at 8 p.m. so they could spend most of the day in Florida. However, JetBlue changed the flight this past fall to 11 a.m. Greer described this as a “drastic” change and very disappointing all the way around.

Greer isn’t alone. Joseph Post of Cortland says he booked a flight through Spirit Airlines and was supposed to fly out of Newark to Las Vegas last Monday. After boarding the plane and sitting there for 45 minutes, Spirit announced there was a mechanical issue and it needed to be fixed. After 20 minutes, another announcement was made, this time Spirit said the flight had been cancelled because they didn’t have a pilot.

“We had to all on board and try to find other transportation because they weren’t going to find a replacement transportation so we had to find our own. So we ended up taking American Airlines to Las Vegas,” says Post.

Post says the same thing happened to him on the way back from Las Vegas to Newark. This time he had to fly United Airlines. He says Spirit has not reimbursed him for his ticket and he will never fly Spirit again.

NewsChannel 9 reached out to JetBlue Airlines. Below is their response:

“After a number of tough operating days this week that began with severe weather challenges and air traffic control delays up and down the east coast, we are continuing to work to minimize impacts to our customers. Despite hiring more than 3,000 new crewmembers already this year, like many businesses, we remain staffing constrained and these disruptions exacerbate an already challenging staffing situation. In order to get our operation back on track this week and provide additional recovery options for the potential of additional April weather events, we cancelled some flights this weekend and will be making a small schedule adjustment through the rest of the month. We sincerely apologize to our customers for these disruptions, and we are working to cancel flights in advance whenever possible so they have time to adjust their plans and do not need to show up to the airport.

While we believe April will continue to be challenging, we are bringing on hundreds of new crewmembers each week as we prepare for summer travel. We have also reduced our schedule from May through the summer. Given we anticipate continued industry challenges and heavy demand into the summer, we are planning more conservatively and trying to be proactive where we can with cancellations due to disruptive weather and air traffic control events.”

NewsChannel 9 reached out to Spirit Airlines, but we have not heard back.