Maple season still flowing, producers pushing for online sales

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ONONDAGA HILL, N.Y. (WYSR-TV) — Central New York maple producers aren’t slowing down production despite in-person sales concerns.

The industry’s biggest event of the year, Maple Weekend was abruptly canceled due to concerns about the coronavirus.

“I mean these next two weeks are very vital for us throughout the year because we’re a very seasonal business,” said Mike Spicer of Cedarvale Maple.

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Spicer said last year during Maple Weekend, 1,000 people visited his operation in Onondaga Hill; people that likely won’t be coming to buy syrup, candies and other products this year.

“It will be very interesting you know what kind of moves we make throughout this whole health crisis,” Spicer said.

Cedarvale Maple added taps this season hoping to increase the payout so he’s hoping for more online sales and offering free shipping for orders within New York.

Despite the uncertainty with sales, Spicer said the sap continues to flow.

“We weren’t sure how much we were going to get this week at one point we thought the season was going to end Monday but we’re hoping the weather will hold out and we can make another 100 gallons of syrup,” said Spicer.

Spicer is also hoping to post more behind the scenes videos to fill the interactive gap left by Maple Weekend’s cancellation.

“They might not be able to get the smell but the image is what we’re going for,” Spicer said.

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